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About World Halal Center

The critical issue for the mankind today is the lost of reference, guidance, confidence and justice as guided by the Creator (ALLAH).

The inability to put forward an alternative for a peace and harmonious life in every aspect of livelihood of the human has made the situation of the mankind in a precarious position.

Therefore, we are earnestly bringing forward the WHC as pillar of solutions for the mankind in this world and hereafter through the World Halal Centre movement by redirecting mankind towards a comprehensive lawful and peaceful compliant lifestyle.

God willing (IN SHA ALLAH) Together we will contribute to the development of a peaceful life and systematic world for all mankind and all existence.

Prince Message

Message of the Honorary President

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

The Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques aims to make the Kingdom a major reference for Halal food and products in the world. The National Transformation Program (2020) has set goals and objectives for the participating government entities in Vision 2030: To benefit from the Kingdom's Islamic position, (Food and medicine as a major reference for Halal food and products). It is also linked to the objectives of Vision 2030 (creating an attractive environment for both domestic and international investors and enhancing their confidence in our economy) and supporting national companies.

God bless

Honorary President of the Global Commercial Halal Center

World Halal Hub For Global

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Halal Center Of Excellence

Halal Talent Program

  • Halal Skilled Workers
  • Halal Knowledge Workers
  • Halal Experts

Halal Education

  • Consumers
  • Students (Primary/Secondary School)
  • University Students (Diploma/Degree in Halal)

Halal Professional Program

  • Certified Auditors
  • Certified Trainers
  • Certified Consultants

Messages Of Chairman

Praise be to Allah, the idea of establishing the World Halal Center in the Kingdom in 2015 was an initiative of its founders to contribute to the fact that food products, supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal belongings and garments (halal) are not included in their components or in their packaging or transport Haram materials or suspect components. In addition to the role of the Center in spreading the culture of Halal in the Kingdom and the strong contribution, God willing, to support and develop the Saudi economy and Islamic in general.

And God is behind the intent

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Halal Park Development

  • Competitive advantage
  • Accessibility
  • Connectivity
  • Support service facilities
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  • Infrastructure
  • Logistics and Warehouse
  • Transport and Airport
  • Port Facility
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  • Skilled worker
  • Semi skilled
  • Management and Technical
  • Sharjah Advisory
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  • Factory
  • Shop Lot
  • Industrial Land
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  • Raw Material
  • Semi finished product
  • Finished product
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  • Presence of Government
    Agencies (Customs,
    Islamic Body,
    One Stop Center)
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Halal Testing Services

Service Programme


Type Of Analysis
  • DNA
  • Protein
  • Fat and Oil
  • Alcohol
  • Physical
  • Method validation
  • Halal Analyst
  • Halal Awareness
  • Halal Auditor
  • Halal Slaughter
  • Asset management
  • Instrumentation
  • Gelatine and DNA
Professional Service
  • Infrastructure development (halal lab)
  • Halal compliance and entrepreneur advisory service
  • Standard Development
  • Halal certification compliance consultancy

Halal Is For Everyone

Halal food is not only Halal but also safe and with good quality Halal food is universal, fit for Muslims as well as non-Muslims alike

Halal Park Components


Halal food & beverages

Halal pharmaceutical

Halal cosmetics & personal care

Halal Ingredients


Halal logistic

Islamic banking & takaful

Islamic healthcare

Islamic tourism


Halal Industrial Parks

Halal R&D testing lab

Traceability system

Standard & certification

One Stop Centre

Government Agencies

Product Display

Human Capital

Halal Knowledge Workers

Halal Executives & Auditors

Syllabus in universities & colleges


Connectivity Port

Connectivity Airport

Connectivity Highway

Certification Bodies

World Halal Reference Centre

Consultation & Application

Industry Showcase

Halal Knowledge Centre

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