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Our Scope of Works

  • Managing , coordinate and facilitate with HALAL certification organization at each countries either Muslim or Non-Muslim countries.
  • Provide universal HALAL certification services to the industries in food and beverages, cosmetics/wellness, pharmaceutical, apparels, kitchen utensils and logistics.
  • Conducts the HALAL scientific products testing for beverages, foods, cosmetics/wellness, pharmaceutical, apparels and kitchen utensils.
  • Formulating the guidelines and scientific solution for the HALAL testing 4/4/2013 requirements.

HALAL Guidance Framework at IHB

  • Advised by Islamic Council consists of Muslim scholar representative from the Hanafi, Hambali, Maliki and Shafie Mazhab.
  • Scientist in Food Technology, Biotechnology and other scientific disciplines lead by Chief Technology.
  • Formulating the guidelines and scientific solution for HALAL testing requirements.
  • Collaboration with known establish HALAL Research Laboratory.
  • Use single HALAL LOGO with the appearance of certification number and country of issuance.

Our HALAL Solutions!

  • Internationalize and legalize single HALAL LOGO implementation.
  • To avoid any misleading on HALAL LOGO to ummah.
  • To harmonize laws and legal proceeding between dispute parties on HALAL products and services arise issue.
  • Has networking to access the HALAL Certified Reference Materials (CRM's) database.
  • Collaboration with other HALAL Certification and Laboratory among the OIC countries members and non members
  • Avoid double certification and inspection between two parties (countries ) involved for import and export on HALAL products.

HALAL Certification and Inspection

  • HALAL Certification and Inspection at customer premise.
  • HALAL Certification application consist of a few categories:
  • Raw Material
  • Slaughtering
  • Manufacturing/Processing
  • Cleaning
  • Packaging
  • Labeling

Porcine Peptides Identification In Food Samples

  • The testing method is to analyze and identify the presence of trace porcine-gelatin in processed food using LC-QQQ-MS
  • Using an Agilent 1290-6490 UPLC-Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (QQQ)

HALAL Laboratory Facilities

  • Establish and implement HALAL Quality Management Standard.
  • Implement ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Accreditation Scheme.
  • Establish HALAL Scientific Testing Method on products under test.
  • Laboratory Recognition by NMI's and other relevant authorities.
  • Establish HALAL Certified Reference Materials (CRM's) database.
  • Employ Competence Muslim Scientist Personnel.