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Mr. Shaikh Saad and his delegates visited Japan to participate in Japan Halal Expo to introduce World Halal Center (WHC) Strategic Partnership's programs and sign collaboration agreement as well establish WHC Japan. Soon it will start its operation and collaboration and he urged Japanese companies to grab this opportunity to expand their businesses abroad which would cost less and at the same time improve sales and penetrate Saudi and MENA markets.

“Instead of going on their own in introducing and promoting their products, via this collaboration with WHC and Strategic Partnership programs with WHC and OH-AMI Incorporated, we will bring their products to Saudi Arabia and the global market.

“And, they can also go a long mile by signing the joint venture (JV) deals with us to produce their products there,” he said.

Our Partnership focuses on Halal business and trade development, automotive and manufacturing, financial as well as investment. Apart from that, we also develop joint venture partnership in various other sectors to support the Saudi vision 2030.

Now we are working with OH-AMI Incorporated as a consortium to develop some of our projects to play a significant role in the market to become competitive, offer exceptional quality and promote advancement in technology. We focus on fostering partnership with the government and private sectors to provide a better platform in the world market which can play a better role in the future HALAL Global marketplace.